Cherry wine… And a beautiful Hope Winter song.

Cherry wine…

Once my life was better. I had yearly family reunions, kind voices to give me strength and I could accomplish anything. I didn’t know. Life is ever-changing.

Today my folly, today my good and bad decisions. Took me to where I belong.

Now my dusty memories can take me to places where I had beautiful places and beautiful faces. I missed and I still wish for.

Once I danced with a beautiful gal and we drank the cherry wine. We laughed at life and we were so damn brave. 

I was the wayfarer man seeking new cities, the sea and the pretty ladies. Now these days seem like someone else memories.

I miss the days of fresh-cut watermelon, grill-cooked corn and the voices of the dear family.

I am a old man now and I learned. To be kinder, to listen more, talk less. Been a rough year. Many stole away by the cancer and old age. Somehow I became the elder in a world filled with struggle. I must find the words, like my grandfather did, my grandmother did. Give hope to the children in the messy world.

I am so tire my friend. I don’t like talking no-more. Silence is my friend now. Paper and pen my only company. I pray this world can gather her strength, overcome the sickness of hate and violence.

Someone killed six people in Wisconsin. Brought tears to my eyes and great sadness. Time for us, all races, all religions and all colors. To stand as one for peace. Violence and hatred steal from the all of us.

Today Old Johnnie need to find the sea, some cherry wine and a kind woman. Maybe I can laugh again?

I will go forward for my grandchildren and I will hope and I pray. For calm and peace for my world. Every life had value, every child is a light of hope, our future. We must learn. This is one earth and we are one people. We must get along for the sake of the children.

Dancing Coyote