Molly Malone…

Molly Malone..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" June new poetry number twenty-nine… "

“Sweet Molly, Sweet Molly Malone I can see if you smile, Though I’m off half a mile, For my eyes all the while, Keep along with my head, And my head on must know, When from Molly I go.”

Dear Molly Malone..

I fell in love with the city of London in 1978 and I visit her often till I left Europe in 1980. The women talk so pretty, their English accents made me ask many questions. Just to hear their voices.

I loved the English Pubs. The drinks were reasonable and the people kind.

I would drink till midnight and I would find a quiet spot. Drink my Black Velvet whiskey. I loved the lights of the city and at midnight close. I would wait for dear Molly Malone. She told me often, If you need me Johnnie. Just think of me and I will find you.

I heard Molly singing in the distance. Her voice sweet and heavy in the ole English. I rose up and I adored her fiery red hair and her bluest eyes, I ever seen. And I loved her song.

She skipped toward me in her her light cotton red dress, wavering in the wind, showing me pale strong legs and I loved her smile of gold.

She told me. I love you Americans. So kind to us ghostly girls. You bring the good whiskey and you can make me laugh.

We sat together, holding hands like old lovers. She talks of yesterday and rarely talks of tomorrow. She would give me warm and tasty kisses.

I told her. If I could dear Molly. I would take you away from this city. Make you my only love. She held my hand tighter and she whispered.

Love is for the lucky dear Johnnie. I am not a lucky one. But tonight kind soldier. I feel like the lucky one.