The fragrance of time. And a Leonard Cohen song…

The fragrance of time…

We cannot stop time. Youth run away from us so quickly. We must have a Gypsy soul. We must know wonder-lust, we must kiss many pretty ladies and we must dance for the sun and the moon.

The fragrance of Summer, I do remember. A beautiful Scottish gal wore a shod of white silk and she loved the forbidden kiss. She had the sun in her eyes and we loved the early September Germany new wines.

She loved to paint the small lake, the clouds and the rocks being caressed by the moving water. She asked me often. Can I paint your face. You have a strong face and I can see a million journeys and I will pay you with one kiss. I can see the sadness in your eyes. A deep heaviness hidden away.  I told her. I will allow you dear Sheena to paint my ugly face. But I may want a million kisses.  She laughed at my words and she told. You are not ugly, you are a pretty one dear Johnnie. I may be willing to give more kisses if we can talk and we can show each other our real faces. You and I. We like to be invisible to our world. But one day, someone will see us.

She smiled and she told him. I found you drinking alone writing into your journal in May. You wrote, I see dead thing, I saw the the worst of men deeds. Did I do my part? Remember I sat with you and you told me. My dancing and beautiful Sheena. I need to hear the gentleness of your voice, I need to remember how beautiful you are. Please hold my hand and teach me. I am not alone. She smiled and she kissed him often. She whispered to him. Please hold my hand, give me warm and sweet kisses. Let’s create memories of beautiful places and wonderful days. We can stay by the lake, drink the September new wine and make love expand and multiply to forever. You war is over. I am with you. I will keep you safe my love.

I remember I brought her closer and I told her. Thank you my dancing Sheena. I shall love you till the end of time.

Dancing Coyote