Already broken.

Already broken…

Oldest and most tire man in Michigan escaped to find something lost. He remembers a Auburn hair with a silky voice, the whiskey nights and the Soldier’s liar prayer. He gave up and he Escaped to Tela, Honduras. He came to Tela in 1992 and 1993, a few times. He fell in love with the sea front city. He remembered the people were kind and they respected his private life and his ways.

He decided he wanted to did alone, no pity, no tears and no-one to soften his death.

He loved the dark eyed Honduras girls. The tried to create hope in the old man eyes. He had met two nineteen Honduras girls selling flowers on a hot days in April. He brought them water and he bought them fruit drinks of mango. They were barely clothing in light cotton dresses and they were filled with youth and hope. He bought a dozen flowers and he overpaid. They told him. Too much money paid American and my name is Maria and my friend name is Teresa. He told them my name is Johnnie and It is okay dear ladies and he said goodbye to them and he left them be.

He had relearn to love the whiskey till 2 am and he would dance alone on the pearl of the Caribbean sea, the Tela sea. He loved the pace of Tela. The city comes alive at 5am. Hot days  make the men and women work early. 

He loved the Honduras people, always kind and friendly toward a Hiding American. Never asked questions and they love to drink and dance. He loved the ancient beauty of the Honduras girls, flowing black hair, slender and the darkest brown eyes.

At 7 am, he watched sun overtake the days. He felt eyes on his back and Maria, Teresa was behind him. They were dressed in colorful Spring dresses and they had smiles of wonder. He told them, why the prettiest girls in Honduras had found me this early morning? They laughed at his words and Maria told him. Teresa friend told me. You eat alone, drink alone and you watch the sea till late morning alone for two weeks. What are you doing this for? He looked at their young strong bodies, strong legs and powerful arms. He told them, I am broken beautiful ladies and why are you awake so early? And I came to Tela to seek some peace.

Teresa told him. College at 8am and we want to buy you breakfast. He told them, thank you Teresa and I must decline. Maybe lunch later. If you want, please come and find my at the motel. We can find some good food and you can tell be a Honduras lullaby. They laughed at his words and Maria told him. At 2 pm, be ready.

He loved the smile of the Honduras girls. They were young, bold and so pretty. They reminded him of his grand-daughter Mia. They knew he was safe and he wanted nothing no-more. They appeared at 2 pm and we went to the hotel restaurant and we drank Banana and mango liquor filled drinks and they talks and they talks. He notice their shoes were old and abused. He told them, after we eat. We shall go shopping. They laugh at his words and Teresa asked him. Why do you want to buy us things? He smiled and he told them. You remind me of the grandchildren, Mia. Filled with life and hope. They talks between each other and Maria said okay. My shoes are terrible and selling flowers is slow now.

We ate slow and easy. They told about learning English and they try to speak the English language when they could. After the good meal, he stood up and Maria took his left hand and Teresa took his right hand. They reminded him of a old lover who loved the sea, long walks holding hands and talking. He liked them, they were sweet and kind. He took them to the clothing store. He told them, buy what you need young ladies. They bought good shoes for walking. Light weight and pretty brown and he told them. Please buy a Summer dress. Tonight music by the sea. Maybe I need a friend now? Teresa told him. No. He smiled and he told them. If I can’t buy you a beautiful Summer dress, you will break my heart. Teresa face turn softer and she said okay.

They found colorful and light cotton Summer dresses and they danced in the store for him wearing the dresses and new shoes. I laughed  for the first times in many years. We went to the music festival and they danced and drank. They made me dance with them and I liked the comfort of their embrace and their sweet voices. They looked wonderful in their new dresses and I told them stories of a ancient man. They eyes came alive with each word and Maria told him. We love you, old poet.

I awoke early on a Sunday morning. I found a large chair on the patio of the hotel and I sat down. The Honduras sky so beautiful at 6 am. Maria and Teresa came daily to him at 2pm and they ate lunch and he listen to them. He had met the mother of Teresa, she was still a beauty and he was forced to eat nightly at her home. The mother Elena asked him. You are a kind man and why did you come to Tela alone? He told her. I needed a good place to die. She told me. Maria and Teresa had adopted you and you would break their heart. I have a empty room with a soft bed. Please stay with us. He told her. Please allow to think about this.

He heard morning voices and he saw Maria and Teresa running toward him. They fell into the chair and they hugged him, held him tightly. Maria told him, good morning grandfather and pretty Rosa told him. We are thankful you befriended us, we don’t have a grandparent and you treat us like your children. You want nothing from us and we adore you Johnnie. My mother told us. You are moving to the extra room. I told them, maybe? And you are my daughters and thank you for being kind to me. I am drinking less, dancing with the sea with two beautiful girls every night and I am feeling better.

You made the old man smile. Teresa kissed his face and Maria kissed his face. They told him, you won’t die in Tela, we will show you how to love and live again.