Love letters, never send…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Sometime letters are not send. Maybe fear of rejection? Or fear of being wanted? "

                    Love letters, never send…

Dear Peggy…

I wanted to drop a note. I left you after a week of joy and happiness. Florida was beautiful. I enjoyed my time with you. I was glad you called me and invited me to Florida. I have known you for 12 years. I still remember you as a nineteen year old beauty. I remembered you loved to dance and laugh. I know we have changed. You have found your way back to me three times. Each time more colder and more bitter. I tried to make you laugh. I sent you a ring and called you. I asked you to marry me. You said yes.

Somehow my desire to protect and love you have create fear. You rarely answered the phone and when you do. You are distant and don’t desire to speak. I wrote the letter to tell you. I understand. A woman who lost the desire to love. Can find peace only and in flesh and in the booze. I do understand. I tried to hide in the booze and one night stands. You were the only spark of joy for 12 years. I hope we are still friends. I remember the first time you came to me in Ann Arbor. We made love for hours. We embedded our life for a moment. I never expected you to stay and you escape again after a time.

Today it is a beautiful day in Texas. You would love the good people here. They love to drink and dance.  I go to Downtown Austin. I drink the long Island ice teas and I wonder what you are doing? I would like to see you.
We never had a proper goodbye.  I have never been a true lover to anyone. I have always given only halfway. I thought we found some sort of peace in Florida.  Remember my sweet Peggy. I understand why you love to run when the heart feel the impulse to come alive. I hope you are doing well and you have found some kind of happiness. I’m okay. I have Downtown Austin and the Long Island ice teas. Life is fair. I miss you and hope one day we will find each other and not be afraid to truly love.

                                    All my love