My due reward.

My due reward…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" July new poetry number forty-six. "

My due reward…

Once the kindest girl in Michigan told me. Please don’t die. You love your damn wars, maybe if you loved me more, you would leave the damn Army and stay with me.

Some men love the Soldier life. The booze, the new cities and the gun.

After a time, the sweetest girl in Michigan didn’t write me no-more. She understood her love wasn’t enough. She was a secondary goal to a soldier want.

The soldier learn too late. Her love was everything he needed and he had loved the wrong things.

I returned home to her. The kindest girl in Michigan was a mama and another man wife and he held her love.

I learn I was alone.

I told the Wild Turkey whiskey shot at the tavern. Dumbass me loved the booze, I loved the new cities and I learn too late. War was shit and the kindness of a woman is everything.

I earned my due reward. Loneliness.