The brown eyed girl..

The brown eyed girl

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Some woman make you wish you were young and free again. They bring to life the desire for you to want to be wild and crazy in the dance of love. "

                                   The brown eyed girl…

I fell in love with the brown eyes girl.
Her lips of sweet honey and a smile that can light up my day.

She dances with her children.
Making me jealous of her gentle embraces of her love for her babies.

She pay no attention to me.
I’m just a admirer of her beauty.

I watch her movement and she give me gifts of a sweet smile and a  hello as
she chases her child about.
I wish to know the brown eyes girl.

I know life isn’t fair.
Beautiful young girls are distance dreams.

Lucky observers can make wishes and hold dreams.
Beautiful brown eyed girls are just sweet dreams to a old man heart.