Kindness, we need.

Kindness, we need…

In her eyes, I saw the sea, in her eyes, I saw the long Monterey beach, in her eyes.

She had the figure of the Aphrodite, she had the voice of Gaia and 

the kindness of Hestia.

She adored when the sun and moon passed each night sending kisses hellos and goodbyes.

She would dance for the moon and she would sing for the million stars above us.

She allowed me into her home and we drank coffee, small talks and waited for the new day.

She allowed me into her garden of roses and herbs.

She allowed me into garden and she allowed me to become part of her garden.

She told me often, dear Johnnie, we need more friends and more kindness.

She told me nightly, my garden is Big Sur and her mountainous gift for us to enjoy,

my utopia is the wild Big Sur sea. Untamed and always free.

We would walk nightly to the bay, we would burn the white sage for our world.

We would pray for peace, we would pray for no-more wars and

all the children of our world, to have food, shelter and safe place to live.

She was my barefoot lady of the sea and I called her.

My kind and beautiful mermaid.

She asked me, am I siren or beautiful muse?

I told her, she was the beautiful woman in the world.