Some river songs… And a beautiful Bishop Briggs song.

“Cecelia, be my love. Beautiful Cecelia. Please steal my thought and take me away to the Big Sur. 

Let’s stay barefoot forever and leave the world behind us.

You and me will dance for the rising sun and create a lullaby of the sweetest days to be.

Cecelia, my dear Cecelia. Stay with me forever and be my love.”

Some river songs…

The Monterey dark poet told the people at the Monterey poetry reading. Love is cursed, we believe in love,

and love is just myth and tale.

Love is the excuse for the dreaming poet to create places where love can be forever. 

He will write of a blushing beauty and how he prayed to look into her eyes and

he learned love, can be a cold friend.

He told the people with a smile.

Love need two people in the same place,

wanting the same things and

rarely do two, find the perfect place to be.

Love is fickle and

a woman’s heart decide love or not.

Only the poet understand.

Love is like a river,

the river will come to you and one day.

The river will run away from you.

You can’t imprison love.

love is a wild child,

never to be owned.

Love must be given.