The mask..

The Mask…

(I looked into the mirror and I saw a stranger. He wore a mask of the devil. Was I the devil or was the devil, I.)

The mask she wore, wasn’t her face anymore.  It shown a fake smile and her voice was gentle and tender.

She lost her real face back in 1996 and she became less than human.

Now in old age. She wants to be brave again. She wants to find her real face,

she want to find her old voice.

She went to the sea and she asked the Pacific. Where are you little girl?

Did the men steal and take everything, you held precious?

Did the greed of life take away the hope, the dreams away?

Can I find my real face again?

Can I find my real voice again?

She went to her knees and she asked the Goddess of the sea.

Please teach me laughter again, please take me a way to places I loved.

Please clean me of the sin done by the greedy world.

I want to be clean again.