Mercy- three lines poetry.


A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Three lines poems. "


1- I found a red scarf near your door,

I put my face into the scarf.

I could smell the scent your pale skin……

2- I knew the heartbreak hotel often,

was the sweetest tasting wine ever.

I wanted more and I am willing to taste the bitter after-taste…..

3- Hot damns, she was so fine,

she had the Devil eyes and the voodoo kiss.

She painted my dreams dark and I was hell-bound….

4- I wrote on her bare back poetry of love.

I traced her rose bush tattoo from calf to upper back.

I whispered to her. You are my endless storm…

5- She wanted to show me mercy,

walking toward the door with her sweet smile alive and well.

I begged for more and she returned.

Dancing Coyote

© 2020 Coyote Poetry