Our children, the children.

“It took more than a decade for researchers to identify nearly 3,000 children who died in Canada’s residential schools – compulsory boarding schools run by the government and religious authorities during the 19th and 20th Centuries with the aim of forcibly assimilating indigenous youth.

Many families were never notified, and the children were buried in unmarked graves.”

My children, the children.

The Kamloops Indian Residential School children are in my prayers.

Unknown number of children abused and murdered by the government schools.

The Canada government apologies and paid money to tribes.

In the year 2021, Canada still took the children from their parent.

Forced to be become different.

In Michigan, 221 un-marked graves found in a Saginaw government school.

I have four children, every one of them, precious to me.

I have five grandchildren and I would give my life for them.

I cried tears for the children in the un-marked graves and I wondered.

How did the parent, the grandparent learn to grasp the loss of their children?

The children were buried in un-marked graves.

The Canada government gave the names of 3000 children murdered.

I have burned sage for them and one day I will visit their graves on their homeland.

I will tell them stories of the forest, the Big lake.

And I will pray they found a peaceful place to rest.

In my heart, I will never understand,

How anyone could kill a child.

Put them in an un-marked grave?

My children, the children.

The Native Americans believe. The children are the wealth of a tribe.

They are the future. We must teach them well.

Today I remember the children, who cannot speak no-more.

I pray the families are okay and I hope.

We learn. Every child. In the four corners of our world.

Are the wealth of this world.

They must have food, shelter and opportunity.

They should not be afraid of the world we have create for them.

Today in Ukraine. War is now. Please pray for the people trying to escape war.