Drunk man calling…

Drunk man calling

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Funny how we remember faces and places when alcohol open the door to memories. "

       Drunk man calling…

It is 3 am in the morning. Your beautiful memory appeared in my mind.
I remembered your beautiful face when I’m falling down.
When the night is cold and lonely and the good alcohol is tearing  down walls of safety.
I wished to hear your voice whispering. You are not alone Johnnie. I love you and I will never leave you. Men who live in limbo find places to hide and find peace.
When old Jack Daniels is your only friend. The torment of gentle touches,
the thousands smiles and kisses shared haunt your life. What is left?

I called sweet Daniela at 4 am. Kind and sweet Daniela answered her phone.
She knows Johnnie had remembered her again. Her gentle voice asked me.
Was I alright sweetie? You are drinking and thinking of me again. Funny how you can forget
the bad times and remember the good days only.

I whispered to her. I have forgave you a long time ago but I cannot forget you. I know you can’t
stop the tide and you can’t stop love from dying. You know I never stopped loving you. There is no woman like you. I dreams of your blue eyes and the long and deep kisses. You left me with no
place to go but to purgatory of living without you.

Daniela was silence for a few seconds and told me. We were babies in the game of love. We knew love without walls  and had no safety net. I remember you. You wanted me all your heart and made me feel like I was the only one. We wanted paradise in the mist of confusion. I’m sorry Johnnie. I had to grow-up and I left you standing alone. Do you forgive me?

I told her. I have forgiven you often but I can forget you. I didn’t know  first love was the last love. I didn’t know we ration love and want. If I did. I would have held you tighter. I would of never allowed you to leave my life.

Dear Daniela was crying in faraway Germany. I heard her in her voice sadness. She told me. Sweet Johnnie, you will be alright. We danced, loved and now the mercy of time. We must forget and move on. You can call me Johnnie. I wish you remembered me when you were not drunk. I remember you. We had a fairytale love. We had locked doors and nights of making love. Now my friend. Go to bed. We do have sweet dreams still. In dreams we never lose. Good night and good bye Johnnie.

I held the phone and listen the silence.  I closed me eyes. I remember beautiful places and beautiful faces. When love was forever. I raise my almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels. To you my Daniela, forgiven and not forgotten. Just a scar that is still bleeding and won’t heal.

  Coyote/John Castellenas