Beautiful Brigitte.

Beautiful Brigitte

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Beautiful Brigitte…

              (Few people touch our hearts who want nothing in return.
               I was thankful 44 years ago and today for my blue eyes
               Angel who picks me up and allow me to gain strength.)

We open the door to our secrets for so few.
The rare person is allowed to see us in our
nakedness and unprotected.

When salvation is the strong whiskey.
Death is your only friend.
Tears and anger had create a wall of safety.
We are truly alone and waiting for no-one.

By the light of the German early Spring moon.
I drank the Black Velvet whiskey
and damn myself for loving too damn hard.

Karma led me to this lonely lake.
The liqueur and beer left me delirious.
I ran down the streets yelling a name this night.
That can be found anymore and
my sweet dreams that had turn to shit.

I sat by the lake.
Waiting for no-one.

In the deceit and deception of the hunger of flesh.
We condemn our hearts to a distant place.
Pleasure and pain infuse our heart and mind.
We regress to just cold blooded animals.

The Spring morning light brings little hope,.

From a distance.
Sweet Brigitte ran toward me,
holding bread and coffee.

She hugs me.
With tears in her eyes told me.
I searched all night for you and
please quit the hell-bend journey.
Love eludes all of us.
Sometimes we must learn to accept less.

I whispered I plays the Devil.
Swim in the carnage of use and abuse.
There is justice in love.
The karma will come back.
Cut piece by piece till we learn to dredge in the
shit we gave once.

Sweet Brigitte looked into my eyes and.
brought me up off the grass.
Her eyes bluer then normal told me.
With your blood and mine.
We will climb from your self-pity and self-made hell.

I told her my lovely and kind woman.
 I have nothing to give.

She gave me a gentle kiss and
we took a long walk to her apartment.
She puts me into a bathtub.
Rubbing me softly with soap and water.
Trying to cleanse my soul.

She stripped off her clothing.
 She lays her perfect young body across my body and
I caressed her waist and her breasts.

I asked why are so kind to a man condemn to his
own dreams and desire?

She whispered to me.
We shall always be.
You and I.

I have been your friend for many years.
We have enchained our two lives together.
I love all of you.

I will teach you my friend,
my love, to live again.

I wrapped my arms tightly around my sweet Brigitte.

Told her.
Thank you for your kindness and gift of hope.

It time I learn.

Love is a dance in heaven and hell.

                7 Sept 2009