Give and take…

Give and take

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Love is a two-way street. Must give to receive. "

        Give and take…

Pretty woman spoke of love and hate in the same sentence.
I asked her. Did she know the different between love and hate?

She downed her shot of Jack Daniels. She smiled and told me. Here in this Austin
tavern. A lot of leftovers my friend. Sweet love left them with hate. When the love is fresh.
Love can be boundless. Inflamed desire led us to good places. Love can kindle hope when we are young and foolish. The peril of love decayed leaving us here drinking and wishing to be in a better place.

The Texas girl told me. Poet tells me a good story of love. Where two people found a lifetime of happiness. Tell me a story of a fairytale ending. Make me believe love, can be true.

I order two Long Island ice teas and I told her. Love is fair. Wise people don’t use up all the wants and needs of the body in one night. Love is like a garden. Need attention, watering and care. If we hit and run forgetting to hold on tight and listen. We are just borrowing love. Real love is honest, tender and forever. Not the in and out of sex. Sex is good. It isn’t love.

Auburn hair beauty asked. Do I like me? Can you dance?

I told her. I like you a lot.  I like your auburn hair and pretty blue eyes. You are a beautiful woman. I would like to dance with you. Let’s go slow and easy. The Texas two-steps is very nice. Allow two people to dance and enjoy the night. We have the long night ahead. Don’t need to be greedy.  Time is my last wealth. Let’s create a story of love and possibilities.

Her blue eyes light up and she told me. Time to dance my Poet friend. Let’s create a fairytale with a good ending. I’m sick of sadness and loneliness. Please make me laugh and show me I will be okay.

I took her to the dance floor. I held her close, and I whispered. “Love is give and take. Need time to cultivate and grow. Many kinds of love. Sometime friendship can lead us to good places.”

She gave me a beautiful smile and we moved on the dance floor with ease. Just two people with some hope and no place to go.