The prettiest gal in Michigan.

The prettiest gal in Michigan..

I kissed the prettiest gal in Michigan and

her lips tasted of beer and the Irish whiskey.

She told me, Johnnie, the quiet poet.

You write about everything,

you write about your great adventures,

maybe you need more crazy in your life,

more adventures.

I kissed her again,

enjoying the taste of the beer on her lips and

I told her.

Maybe we need more adventures,

maybe we need the doors unlocked and

the open sea and the great forest.

Maybe we need to tell the world, to fuck off.

Show our faces again.

The prettiest gal in Michigan,

please follow me,

we will find the highway 40,

we will travel till we reach the Pacific.

Let’s find the California sea,

where the waves are never tamed.

She smiled and she told him.

You talk the talk, do your walk the talk?

We have nothing here no-more and

let’s become Gypsies,

love-making fools and

find our real voice again.

Our real faces again.