The sinner’s prayer..

The sinner’s prayer.

The sinner’s prayer, I do say in the last tavern on a dead-end street in old town.

I drink alone to dead friends killed in war,

and I drink to dear Sheena, a beautiful Scottish gal who stole my heart in 1978.

She taught me, what love was. I learn too late, love was a rare gift.

I drink for Cheryl, loveliness gal in my world and

she wanted love and I wanted nothing once.

I just added to her burden.

I tell the night, The Sinner’s prayer…

“To sin, to gin and to beautiful faces and places missed.

To the sin, I remember.

To the whiskey, I need more now.

To the prettiest ladies, I left and who left me.

Please dark night,

give me more,

I haven’t sin enough,

I need more kisses,

and I miss everything.

Tonight is young,

the whiskey is Irish and

the women are so damn pretty.

Please allow me to do the Devil’s dance,

one more time.

I would appreciate.”

I have learn the hard lessons and

I know sin and whiskey will demand payment.

Us, who steal and borrow from everyone.

We will die alone.


we didn’t live the Sinner’s prayer life.