Love, did whisper to me on a Summer day.

Love, did whisper to me on a Summer day..

She was a butterfly dancing in the wind, her long colorful dress moving with the breeze and love, did whisper to me on a Summer day.

She rendered me hopeless, she rendered me into a state of confusion. She loved the books of the ancient writers and the ancient poets.  She loved to talk of the Jack London tales, the Margaret Atwood stories and the Hemmingway adventures. She quoted Bukowski like a drunken poet. 

We shared stories, we shared books and we wandered Highway one from San Francisco to Big Sur, every Friday to Sunday. She loved to free-climb every mountain near, to find the hidden waterfalls and be blessed by the view of nature on private ridges.

She loved the Big Sur. She would lay bare-ass for the sun and meditate on the dreams of today.

I told her. You and me, we are seekers of the sun, we are seekers of the sea. With you near, dear love. I hear the whispers of love. Making me believe, love is kind, love is sweet.

She smiled and she told me. Men, who make a lady eyes find happiness and joy in the view of the sea, in the view of the free forest and the view of the free mountains.  They awake the woman’s heart. Make her want to sing and dance with a kind lover with the midnight moon above. Love need reminder and many kisses. You and me, we are free spirits and we don’t need fancy motels. Just a sleeping bag, hot coffee and the beauty of nature near. Maybe love, dear poet? If you promises to love me till the end of days. Make me, your  immortal love in your words and we can be like the wild birds. Never caged and always wandering. We love the things that don’t imprison us. Love should be given with a willing heart and be the best days of a life.

We rose-up and we went to the Pacific. The moon played us a sweet lullaby and the million stars above, danced with us. I told her. Let’s dance for the Goddess of the sea and I adore you my dancing mermaid.