A lady vow…

A lady vow…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" August new poetry number twenty-three. "

A lady vow..

1- A lady vow, maybe true, maybe a lie?

Her pretty words are just promises to be broken.

Her gift of a smile, her gift of a sweet kiss.

Maybe they are just gifts for a lucky man.

2- The drunk poet told his lover.

You and I, we know tomfoolery,

do we know what love is?

With a slight smile, Lady green eyes told him.

Love is just another four letter word,

we use to gather kisses and more embraces into the deepness of the  night.

Love is a tall-tale told by poets who do not believe in love.

He laughed at her words and he kissed her.

He told her,

the poet’s wisp are things,

he cannot know or keep.

3- In her cotton white dress,

she was most happy.

When her feet were free of shoes and

she could  touched the sea water with her feet.

She would smile and she would laugh with joy.

He told her.

You are my beautiful sea muse.

He asked her.

Do you love the sea more than me?

She wrapped her arms around him and she told him.

The sea befriended me, as a child.

I have danced with her for twenty years in the Spring and in the Summer.

The sea had been a kind lover to me and

love wasn’t never as sweet.