The thoughts of late July 2022.

The thoughts of late July 2022.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" August poetry number twenty-two. "

The thoughts of late July 2022.

1- We can soar freely like powerful hawk into the morning sky.

We can stand on the great mountains and

we can dance with the clouds.

We can seek the sea and we can touch the sun rising from the east.

We decide our beginnings and our endings.

We must teach the children well and

teach them. You can do anything you desire.

Maybe we could believe again, like a child.

We can do anything and everything?

Let’s us soar with the powerful hawk in the early morning sky and 

let’s try to be brave again.

2- Shred the shadows of yesterday,

allow today to be like a April morning in the Spring.

Allow our minds and heart to grow like a Spring flower.

Be strong, be tall and reaching for God.

Let’s create new photos for the heart,

where we can know, many more perfect days.