A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

" Third chapter of a tale. August new writing twenty-six. "


Near her hotel as we walked, we heard music being played. Some hard rock and roll loud and so damn good. I asked her. Can you dance? She smiled and she told me. yes Johnnie. I went to my knees and I put her sandals on. Are you ready Gabrielle? She reached over and she gave me a gentle kiss. She told me. Yes, dear sir.

The music was so good. Just rock and roll, raw and good. Everyone was on the dancefloor in the club. We danced till eleven-thirty and we walked slowly to her hotel. At the door of the hotel, she asked me. What do I owe you dear soldier? You saved a lonely French girl from boredom and a slow death. I told her. Just a kiss, just one sweet kiss, the greatest reward I can know. She smiled and she told me. Tomorrow at Hyde park at two pm. She brought me closer and she gave me a big hug and a long sweet kiss. I told her, yes.

I went back to my hotel and I was very happy. I just lost a great love in Germany in the early Spring. Gabrielle, a Summer blessing for me. I have learn, better to have good company than being alone. I expected little, a French girl and a soldier. Two different lives. I left the hotel and I went to the tavern. I drank a double shot of Irish Whiskey and one beer. I told the mirror. This had become a good adventure. I went back to my hotel and I awoke early. I had good dreams of a beautiful French gal.

Today I would wander east. London was kicking at eight am. I found some coffee and some cakes. I watched the morning people. Rushing to work. Many would greed me with a good morning. I wished I brought more film with me. So many ancient places to take photos of. I wanted to remember this vacation.

Time went by quickly and I went to the Hyde Park and I waited for Gabrielle. I saw her in the distance. She walked quickly to me. Her walk, so classy and she looked like a ancient actress. Her hair dancing in the wind, every step perfect and a smile of a angel. She came to me and she hugged me tightly. She told me. Today is our last day in London. What will we do? I told her. I found some Jazz music in the city. The bartender told me, the best Jazz in Europe. She smiled and she told me. I love the jazz music. Makes the hips move and the heart sad. It is kind of cool Johnnie.

I told her. You are right Gabrielle and are you hungry? She told me yes and I want pizza. I told her. London pizza, we will eat. We found a hidden pizza restaurant and she held my hands. I ordered for us and she told me. I have enjoyed my time with you and you made London a event for me to remember. I have enjoyed your company. You have been kind and a gentleman.  Please visit me in my home Senlis. I will show you the real France. Maybe teach you to speak some French. I told her, I have a heavy tongue. Could be a difficult student? The French language is so pretty. She kissed my hands and she told me. Practice makes perfect. Anything worthwhile takes time.

The pizza came loaded with many items. Gabrielle eyes glowed with joy and she enjoyed the pizza. After she finished eating, she told me. Thank you Johnnie for everything.  After the meal, we ordered a bottle of sweet red wines and she talks of her home. We drank the wine slowly and I enjoyed hearing her talk. She asked me. Why don’t you talk of your home? I told her. My home wasn’t so nice. Lived in Detroit, AWOL parent and foster homes. I joined the Army to escape and here I am. After we finished the wine. We walked to the jazz club. It was a quiet walk and I knew she was sad. I was sad also.

We entered the Jazz club, already many people in the Jazz club. We found a seat and I ordered two Tom Collins. The Jazz was sweet and so good. She took me to the dance floor. We moved slow and easy to the comfort of the jazz. The voice of the old singer took you to dark and wonderful places. She whispered to me on the dancefloor. Thank you Johnnie.

We sat down and she handed me a letter. She told me. I wrote the first letter and I expect you to write the second letter. My address is in the letter. I expect a letter, very soon and I want you to visit me in my home. I told her, next month. I have a four day weekend and I will find your city. I look forward to see you again dear Gabrielle. She told me. A promise is a promise soldier. We drank and we danced till eleven-thirty pm. We walked slowly back to her hotel and we talked little. She held my hand tightly and at the hotel. She told me. I like you Johnnie, you made me laugh and in your eyes. I felt safe and beautiful. I expect some letters and a visit. On my next break from College. I can visit you in Germany, if you want? I kissed her once and I kissed her again. I told her. I would be very happy if you visit me in Germany and I will come to your home next month Gabrielle. You are my London sweetheart, I cannot forget.

She smiled and she gave me many kisses and she whispered. A promise is a promise. I gave her my phone number and my address. I watched her escape into the hotel and I told the midnight moon. Thank you for the kind woman and London.