A cradle hymn…

A cradle hymn.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Just thoughts upon a paper "

                              A cradle hymn..

“Hush little baby. Don’t you cry.
Daddy going buy you a hummingbird.
If the bird. It doesn’t sing.
Daddy going buy you a diamond ring.”

Poor little baby.
Alone and scare.
The child will be going to the daycare.

Mama and daddy must both work.
Minimum pay world leave the house in stress.
Poor mama and daddy do their best.

Trying to keep up and keep the family strong.
Poor child is left alone.
Grow up quickly and they never will understand.

Hush little baby. Don’t you cry.
Daddy will protect you and love you always.

In the Fairytale of song.
Always a happy ending.
In real life.
The ending are not so sweet.

We need the family values back.
We need good wage and full-time jobs.
Kids need support and kind words.
Children raised by strangers leave the parent and child
missing the value of the understanding of  love.

Hush little baby. Don’t you cry. Mama is home.
Holding you tight and you will never be alone.
Mama love will never be lost.