The lady near the sea..

The lady near the sea…

A rainy and gloomy night in New Orleans in the Winter of 1992. Johnnie tried to drink away the heaviness of things left behind. He sat alone near the sea and he told the world to f-off, he told the Army to f-off. He drank the tequila heavily and he whispered to the sea. Dear Gulf of Mexico, thank you for the quiet night and the gentle wind. He left Fort Hood in the early morning and he wanted his feet to touch the coldness of the Winter sea today. He brought some white sage to burn and a dozen bottles of the tequila.

He loved the city of New Orleans. The people befriended him and they left him be. He was a kindred spirit in the city of the rising sun. He carry his books of Hemingway, Salinger and Kosinski in the old backpack with the tequila wrapped-up safely. In the city of New Orleans, they call the dark poet, the quiet man who loved to write, loved the Jazz songs and he loved silence.

He told the moon as he lite the white sage. He asked the almost full moon. Tell my grandfather, I miss him in my world and I wish I was with him when he left my world instead of fighting a useless war. Tell him, he was my greatest friend, mentor and teacher.

He walked near the Gulf of Mexico, allowing the white sage to rise toward the clouds. The beach was quiet and he thought he was alone. The cold of Winter only bring the brave in heart to the Winter sea. 

He saw a ginger hair girl walking toward him. He watched her walked quickly and with a purpose toward him.  She was long and tall. She wore a black long dress and she moved with grace and tenderness. He recognized her. Nadia, the waitress at his hotel. She stood in front of him and he looked into her hazel eyes, he saw the  twinkle in her eyes and the kindness of her face.

He told her. Hello my Gypsy waitress, my Gypsy friend. You have found me near the sea, a impossible task. Why did seek me out tonight? She was a gorgeous young woman with dancing eyes. He remembered he stole glances at her. Her pale skin and her gentle nature made him adore her from a distance. She had sat with him at breakfast and they shared lunch. She told him. If you need someone in New Orleans to talk to. I am your Gypsy gal. My brothers were soldier and I see little joy in your face. He told her. I confess to the sea only, no-one wants a crying man. She laid her head on his shoulder and they held silence. She held his right hand and she read a poem to him.

“Immortal love can never be, when the heart is black.

broken people seek silence, do not want forgiveness.

the gathering storms find final place one day and

foolish men who gave-up before the movement of life had stopped.

They become just dirt upon dirt.

Just ornaments of hate and pity.”

She asked him, can we meet at the Jazz club tonight? He told her, he had a date with a mystery woman tonight. His endearing friend. It is a tequila, salt and a lemon night. Maybe burn some sage for the stars. She smiled and she accepted his answer. He left her at noon.

She smiled at him and she told him. I found you and I know.  Soldiers love the sea, the drink and the pretty woman. I knew you would be here. Easy to park your truck near the sea and the sea is wild and dancing. The poet’s wish. You were easy to be found. She embraced him tightly and he looked into her assuring eyes. He told her. Why would a celestial beauty seek a soldier seeking nothing.

She smiled and she laughed. She told him. I like the sultry spirit and men who do not attack me. You looked at me with eyes of praise and you listen to my every word. You aroused my attention and now I am here.

I whispered a poem to her.

“My lady in a black dress,

your rosy and kissable lips,

make a soldier wish and hope.

You are as beautiful as the falling Summer sun,

as soft as the quiet lake.

My Gypsy girl,

made a dead man believe,

more to life than dirt and the gin.

Please burn some sage with me for the rising moon,

please sing with me for the dancing stars.

Let’s dance for the Goddess of the sea.

You are my lady of the sea.”

She smiled and she kissed his face. I knew you would be alright. Maybe I can teach you to smile, to laugh again? Maybe we can find in the city of New Orleans some kind of peace and comfort? Life goes very quickly soldier, you can wait too long and you will miss tasting the sweetness of living. We will burn some sage, dance with the sea and roam the old city. Seeking the Jazz men song tonight.

Dancing Coyote