A canvas of you.

A canvas of you.

A pretty gal sat with me, holding my hands and I told her.  You are my extraordinary gal. You love the sea, you love the ancient writers and you never lose  a game of chess, we play. With you near. I forget my noisy memories and I become lost in your beautiful eyes and the gentleness of your voice. If I could paint a canvas of you. I would have you alone with the Big Sur in the background. Reading a book with your strong pale legs dancing with the wind and being sun kissed by the California sun. I would have your face adoring the sea, like a content mermaid.

She smiled and she told me. To erase the noisy memories, we need to create pretty pictures and we need to create new memories to overtake the the noise of yesterday. You are my Friday night sea dancer and you are my Saturday/Sunday sea walker who loved the coffee at 6 am and finding the jewels of the sea. You always allow me to win in chess, If I could paint the perfect canvas of beauty. It would be you sitting with me by the Big Sur sea, holding my hands and reading Oscar Wilde book “The picture of Dorian Gray and Jack London book “When Gods laugh”.  We would travel to Paris in Hemingway book “A moveable feast.” This would be my pretty memory.