A Quiet Progression

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My Inspired Life


I have listened
I have agreed
I have nodded
I have conceded
I have followed
I have retreated
I have let others interrupt

I have had enough


Patience may be a virtue
that can save relationships,

reputations, and lives,
but a lifetime

of patience
may keep you


your life.


In the quiet
is where I find
it is there where I find
but there comes a time
when even the quiet ones

to silence the silence
with a scream.


Do it!

Unleash the chorus in you.
Let the edge of the cosmos
vibrate with the essence of you.
Let the slumbering minds

rattle with the waking giant in you.
Do it!
It’s time for you

to be heard
quiet one.

I am traveling to my dancing tribe this morning. We will be dancing in the desert, celebrating music, movement, summer, and…

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