Almost to California…

 Almost to California..

My Boston girl, I found her at Fort lee, Virginia in the Winter of 1976. She was waited for a love who forsaken you. I made her drink the sweet red wine and we danced near the Winter Virginia beach sea every weekend for three months. She told me, never love a broken girl. Dead heart, sleeping heart shall break your heart.

I remember I told her. Dear Dorthy, love is like a river, flowing toward us or away from us. We must learn to roll and move with the moving water. Life is never easy and love can be harder.

I left for Fort Ord, California in late December 1976 and we made great promises of meeting in Monterey. I remember her brown eyes asking me. Was I true or not? I told you.

“Dorthy, Dorthy.

My beloved,

please come to California.

I want to love you,

I want to marry you.

I would do anything to see you smile.

I would never break your heart.”

I fell in love with California, I befriended the sea, became the Monterey street poet. I would call Dorthy for six months. Each conversation become a river of separation, I was going farther west and she was staying in Boston. I remember I send my last words to her in the Spring of 1977.

“Dorthy, Dorthy.

My lovely Boston girl.

California is so beautiful,

the sea is always dancing for me.

I read my poetry three days a week in Monterey and Pacific Grove.

You would love the Monterey pier.

We could drink Irish coffee, hold hands and talk till the midnight moon appeared.

I dreamed you came and we danced with the sea.

These are my last words and I do,

love you and I shall never forget your beautiful voice,

I shall never forget your face, I adored to see.

If you become brave,

Johnnie is in California.

Waiting for his Boston girl.”

Dorthy wrote back. Dear Johnnie, I told you. I would break your heart. Sleeping heart, sometime cannot be awoken. Please dance with the sea for me. I will dream of my Michigan boy who loved to laugh, love to make me smile and we were almost lovers. You were a blessing for a sad Boston girl. Thank you dear John, I love and miss you.

I remembered I told the sea. Please tell my beloved, she didn’t break my heart. She taught me I could love.

                                          Dancing Coyote