Beautiful Ayla Nereo song and a poem. Swirl me in your mind.

  Swirl me in your mind…

I remember tracing your body with my fingers, I remember you whispering to me.

Johnnie, Johnnie. Are we just whispering in the wind, just secret kisses shared in the midnight hours.

You loved the two hour massage and the song of Leonard Cohen. You were my Winter California storm and  I was the quiet lake. I kissed your knees and I told you.. We are just furious souls seeking something beautiful in our messy world. 

You loved San Francisco. We would drive highway one from Monterey to the city that never fall asleep. We stopped at every ocean exit and we danced. You would ask me. Please Johnnie, Johnnie. Swirl me one more time. Don’t stop spinning me. Someday we will need these days.

In San Francisco, after the taverns closed. We danced at the pier for the Pacific, danced for the stars and the moon. I remember you kissed me a hundred times and you asked. Please Johnnie, Johnnie. Swirl me one more time. Let’s create a canvas of forever.

Today I live in Michigan and I remember my beautiful North Dakota girl who loved to laugh, be bare-ass by the sea and she made life wonderful and sweet. Her words, now are true. “Swirl me one more time, don’t stop spinning me my love. Someday we shall need these days. “

I do need a day spinning a memory, dancing with my muse of hope. One more time.

                        Dancing Coyote