The old man blues…

The old man blues..

A black wind is touching my face,

neither sadness or happiness can I know.

I ain’t cold, I ain’t warm.

I am just alive.

Once a misty eyes beauty told me,

she loved me so and I didn’t know the half-moon was above us.

and she could lie so good.

The flood of memory take me to the corridors of mishaps and thresholds I have known.

I ain’t crying no-more for thing gone. I am singing the old man blues.

Intoxicated words for beautiful barefoot memories and the sea.

Now nameless faces in dreams,

they are telling me,

long wolf, the stars are calling your name.

The moon wants to know where the brave man had gone?

The moon told me to tell you. Come alive, you ain’t dead yet.

I went to Lake St. Clair and I told the Goddess of the lake.

Please send me a kind woman, a honest woman.

I would listen to her and she would listen to me.

I want a woman who love to talk and laugh.

I know the black wind is coming and

my youth is gone and the drink don’t make me smile no-more.

I need a sweet lady, the sea and no place to be.

I want to sing to the lake,

the rhythm of misfortune and I want to dance with shadows of old memories.

I know I am hell bounded soul and I am not seeking salvation.

Just seeking some place to rest and write some song.

Maybe find a kindred spirit to do the final dance with.