Go forward…

Go forward..

I told the young woman with tears in her eyes. Somedays are lonely and we can be scared. We believe we walk alone. Sometime we need to stop our life and renew our dreams. Life is never easy and we will know great sadness. We will lose our mentors and we will know heartbreak.

We will fall many times. The brave and strong people will rise above the sorrow and become stronger, kinder. We will become the teachers and we will try to be good examples to our children. 

We must remember our mentors and honor them by going forward, overcoming the hard days and teach the children well. They are the future of our world.

 We are tougher than we believe sweet lady. Allow the tears to fall, find people with common dreams. Seek laughter and safe place to rest.

She looked at me and she asked me. Do you believe I am strong enough? I brought her closer and I told her. You are a mother, survived hard days and I believe. You are brave enough. Remember we must go forward and never hold regret and hate. We must seek places of love. She smiled and when whispered. Thank you.