I am so damn tire…

I am so damn tire…

I am trying..

Today I put a gun to my head tonight.

I am so damn tire.

Once I was brave,

now I know.

I masqueraded a man, fearless.

Death doesn’t frighten me.

I have met death and she had kissed me.

I have betrayed all my dreams and now.

I am a old man, forgotten.

I know tonight.

We become, who we suppose to be.

I am so tired, and I feel like,’

like a mouse running in circles.

Death don’t scare me.

Being weak and useless, does.

I understand Hemingway now.

Maybe a slow death, I do not want.

Death will find us,

we shall welcome her or try to escape her.

You cannot not escape death.

I am tired my friend.