If we make it though December..

 If we make it through December…

Pretty Jenny was long legged and sweet as the Fall honey. She loved the Texas two-step and I love having her body near. She was a Austin beauty and she told me no lies. She told me she liked the long rides and the cowboys who didn’t want too much.

I met beautiful Jenny in the late days of Summer. I had a pocket filled with money and I liked to drink. The Texas heat left her in her Summer dress and willing to trade conversation for the whiskey and the cold beer. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her walked toward me and loved her more when she left me sitting alone.

We had September love. Unrestrained passion and willingness to taste the places where lover run free and uncontrolled. She was wild and untamed. Made a man wanting nothing, to want and need more.

We danced every weekend in downtown Austin, Texas during the early months of fall, October and November, till 2 AM. She seduced my heart with her silky skin, Texas charm, kiss after kiss and oh the embraces. She made the nights longer and sweet, yes sweet.

Jenny told me often. I don’t need love Johnnie. Love demand too much payment. The flesh want enough. Please don’t love me darling. Love will kill what we have. We have the long dance, good drink and the midnight hours to run free and nude in spirit.

I held silence in the month of September. I remember caressing silky tan skin holding my word deep and hidden. Her eyes demanding the kiss, the touch and the quiet needed by the lovers in the Texas nights.

October and November came fast and  I whispered to moon and sun. I love you Jenny. Please lord, make her find the peace to need love and care.

Early December we are dancing at the Austin dance hall. Her eyes filled with sadness and she whispered. If you love me Johnnie. I will go. Please need and want me. Love killed me once and I won’t fall again.

Late December she left me sitting alone. I told her. Honey, love can’t be stopped.  I do love you and I don’t care if you love me or not. She walked away without a looking back. I raised my glass of whiskey and told the taverns gods.

Love made her depart my love and life. Was warned and told. Some Angels don’t want to be seduced and lost in the emotion of love. Love cost too much for the people who had accepted less.

Coyote dancing..