The family tradition. Me and Hank are hanging together tonight.

The family tradition…

A godly man tried to save me. He told me to quit the drink and he told me to leave the dance-hall gals alone. If you don’t. You will be hell bound and meeting the devil soon. Drinking and fucking will kill your soul.

I bought the godly man a double shot of the soldier drink, the Black Velvet and a cold beer. I told him. Hell, don’t want me. I never fancies the easy life and I do love the whiskey kisses. I adore the Texas long legs gals that had made me smile. Good men go to heaven, happy men find heaven in the dance hall here with me in Texas.

The godly man tapped my glass, drank the whiskey and he smiled. He told me. Whiskey, Texas girls and sin, Johnnie. You love trouble and when you find trouble. Trouble will find you and kill everything you had loved.

I hugged the godly man and I told him. Love had been shit to me, life had been a bear and thank you lord of life and death for the Texas gals. They are so pretty and they asked me to dance with them. In Texas, I found my face again. Maybe Texas is heaven preacher man?

I ordered another double of the Black Velvet for me and the godly man. Pretty Suzanne came to me. A auburn hair Texas beauty with the prettiest eyes, I ever seen. She told me. Don’t listen to the godly man. He is filled with free whiskey and he talks, bullshit. He lost god and he lost his wife. Better to dance with me. The Texas two-step and maybe if you make me smile. I will make you smile. In Texas, we love the whiskey and we love the Texas two-step. In Texas. we know the truth. We must dance the Texas two-step and make love. When we make love, we see god. God, want us to smile.

Hank William song is playing “Family Tradition.” I told the girl. My name is Johnnie, seeking some peace in my messy word. Please dance with me dear pretty lady. Hank is calling us to dance.

She smiled and she told more. Dear soldier, you won’t died tonight. My name is Susie and I would be honored to dance with you. When Hank called us. We must dance, we must love and we must drink. 

I told her thank you dear Susie, Been my family tradition to drink, to dance and to make love. You are the prettiest and kindest gal in Texas. I have fell in love with you already.

She smiled and she told me. Never promise a Texas gal, love forever. They will want love and if you brake a Texas gal heart, you only do it once.