Come hell or high water..

Come hell or high water..

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" We must sink or swim. I recommend swimming. "

Comes hell or high water…


You were never easy, you were the day and I was the night, never stopping to keep our promises made.You were my sun and I was the moon, so much to do, we forgot to love.

If I had you near, now. Comes hell or high water, I would never release you again.

The damn road, the damn wars stole you away from me. The long highway and the bloody wars stole my kindness, seeking money, left me alone swimming upstream and so damn alone.

Once for a second, we had the harvest moon, we had strong whiskey and we danced nude for the moon and the stars. We devoured each other, tried to capture everything in minutes, in hours. We knew.

Soft and easy days were not our blessings, we were fugitives, holding on to hellish life and seeking freedom in the same words spoken.

Today dear lover, comes hell or high water, I wouldn’t leave you again. this time, I would beg for you to stay and the mercy of love promise.

                         Dancing Coyote