Spin the bottle..

Spin the bottle

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" The game of youth get used without our permission with old age. "

                   Spin the bottle..

Old man sat alone.
Told me. “Damn if you do. Damn if you don’t. Life is like spin the bottle playing with your sister.
All you get is a kiss on the cheek.”

Today I masquerade as  a free man.
My Jack Daniel warm and tasty. Leave me cold and listless.
The timeless skies had left me in Purgatory Inn waiting for no-one.
I know the big storm is a-coming.
War is near. My instinct is to leave the service.
My desire provoked me to test life and death.

I sat with a Austin beauty. Her sheer red blouse allowed me to glance upon
full and soft breasts. She asked what blessing are left?
Her long flowing red hair fell into her back.
Her short skirt was thawing out my coldness and I looked into her blue eyes.

I told her. Hard to behoove reasons to know laughter.  In the world filled
with blasphemy and liars. Hard to benign reasons to tried to understand this world.
Old Poets like me. Are just observers of the dark rain a-coming and can’t be stopped.

She requested a slow dance. I agreed and joined her on the dance floor.
I enjoyed her prowess upon the dance floor.
She pressed her body near and we two-stepped to some Dolly Pardon.
She smelled like wildflowers in the Spring.  I spin her gently on the wood dance floor and
I liked hearing her laughter.

We return to our seats. I asked her what is her desire to drink.
She requested a double shot of Jack Daniel and a cold draft beer.
I told the bartender. Two of each.

She touches my talon upon my neck. She asked. Why do you wear the skin of dead
animal upon your neck.  I smile and told her. Old religion left me with forgotten belief.

I tried penance and to learn new theory to live upon. I got lost somewhere and now
 I played the game of spin of the bottle and ended here with you.

My Austin beauty smiled. She kissed my face and than my hands. She whispered. This is a
poignant place for you street Poet. The Purgatory Inn remained open in darkness and light. If you desire. We can wander to the Austin River and watch the evening stars. Let the stars shine upon us.
This time you may win the game of spin the bottle. Maybe we can find a place to rest.
Where naked people have nothing to hide. Where lovers  need to be fearless and wild.

I raised my glass. My red hair beauty raised her shot glass also. We touched glasses and drank the Jack
Daniel. I told her. The storm is a-coming. Would be nice to remain with you. You are a beauty for the ages. I promise to write stories of a red hair Austin beauty who make me laugh and want to live again.

Two people walked to the river. It was a quiet night. Old Johnnie looked to the sky. Made a silent plea for a good ending to a good night.