A twisted lullaby, maybe?

 A  twisted lullaby, maybe?

Was the first of June and Johnnie and Lucy wanted a adventure. Johnnie told his dear Lucy, I have loved you yesterday and today I love you more. She laughed at his words. She smiled and she told him. You American boys can whisper sweet words seeking kiss and a slow dance. But us London gals, we need more than words. We need evidence and great proof. You promise me a adventure and place of mystery. You can take my hand and I will walk with you to the city of wonder and madness. Do not try to steal a kiss till we can make me smile.

He told her. A Gypsy carnival in the valley. Known for food of wonder and sweets of joy. We shall wander to and I will show you light and darkness. Maybe make you smile, maybe afraid? She smiled and she bowed her head to him. She told him. Lead on dark knight, show me a scary place where I shall know fear and I pray. We can escape from? They traveled to the country and the signs told them on the road. “Zackary Carnival of delights. Come all, come quickly. You are almost there.”

They arrived at noon and the carnival wasn’t real busy yet. Lucy smiled and she told her brave knight. This is wonderland and so beautiful. What shall we do first? He smiled, first we wander and second we seek coffee/tea and some sweets. Lucy saw three dancing Gypsy girls, young, pretty and dancing with knifes. They went to them and the music was wonderful. Filled with life, energy and excitement. The girls moved with slow perfection, the knifes moved from back to front, slow to fast and to ground and to sky. Their long hair moved with them and rarely could you see their hands. Lucy slapped her hands with joy and she dropped a twenty dollar bill into their tip cup. The girls smiled and they winked at her. She saw a house of oddity and she begged him to take her in. He told her, your wish is my command my fair beauty.

She reached over and she kissed his face. She whispered. Thank you Johnnie, I need this day of adventure and wonder. Johnnie paid the entrance fee and the entered a place with many rooms. Each room with a name of the oddity waiting to be seen. Lucy told him. I don’t want to see the oddity now. I don’t want to be sad. He told her. I believe you will like. These oddity are so beautiful. Each born with different skin, great thoughts and they had accepted themselves as-is. He pointed at the sign, the snake lady Lilith. They entered and the room was quiet. All of a sudden a woman so beautiful, eyes of hazel and long ginger hair moved slow and easy to the front of her stage. Her body was long and snake-like. She smiled and she waved them near. She told them. Hello and thank you for visiting. Few want to see the oddity. They believe we are ugly and should be hide away. Lucy told her. You are not ugly. You are beautiful and perfect. Can I touch your skin? The snake lazy smiled, you can if you tell me your names. You know my name is Lilith and what is your names? Lucy told her, this is Johnnie, my brave knight and I am Lucy. His lady in distress. Lilith smiled. I like you two already, we need adventure and tale. Please touch me dear Lucy and Johnnie, you can if you like, you can touch me too. I will tell you a short lullaby and we can talk. Maybe you can bring me some strong coffee and some sweets after. I do enjoy the sweets.

Lucy caressed her face and slowly moved to the skin of snake from her hips down. She yearned to know the skin of the woman. Johnnie hands danced in her hair and gently touched her face. He asked Lilith. You are so beautiful, are you muse or siren? If you wanted. You could steal a man heart and soul. She worn a light silk blouse showing off pinkest skin and robust bust. He told her. You could be a free-nymph hiding in the clothing of a oddity? She smiled and she his hand. She kissed it gently. I like you poets. You can see beyond the fake face and skin. Be careful Johnnie. You can see too much and you will be downed to wallow in confusion. Lilith told Johnnie. Go fletch the coffee and the sweets. I will tell Lucy a story while you are gone.

Johnnie left Lucy alone with Lilith. Lucy kept her right hand on the human skin of her. Lilith told her. You are so lucky. Johnnie loved you so. A poet’s love can live forever. But love is like a rose. It will die and can be rebirth again and again. Love can be sweet and love can be so harsh. This is a twisted lullaby I will tell you. “Once was pretty gal and handsome man. The man loved the gal and the girl was fiddle. She didn’t appreciate love. She was a thief and she would take and take till the  love turn to blackness. One day the handsome man took her to a Oddity candy shop and the girl was overtook with the many delights. Was chocolate from Europe and Asia, was pastries from the best bakeries in Paris. Was a mix of a thousand candies from the continents of the world. He told her. You must talk with the caretaker. She is a amazing, kind and beautiful lady that knows about our world. Maybe a witch? I was told a Nagual who could shapeshift. The girl laughed and she told him. Let’s talk quickly and I want to buy everything. A dark hair lady appeared with eyes of gold,  and dressed in soft cotton. Her auburn hair reached to her lower back and with the softest of voice. She told them. Hello my dear friend, I am glad you returned and you brought a friend. The woman reached her hand out to the girl and the girl gave reluctantly. The woman held her hand and she told her. I am Delia and I can read your palm. The girls released her hand and she told her. No-one can know the future. Just tomfoolery you speak. The handsome man asked her. Please allow her read your right hand. I want to know if you are true or a monster? The girl looked sour and she asked. Do you believe, me, to be a monster? The woman laughed at her words and she told her. Sometimes don’t need to read the palm to know if someone is a monster or not? She became angry and she told him. We must leave now. This girl is filled with madness. The handsome man smiled, kissed Lilith hands and he told her. Thank you my dearest friend. She stood-up and embraced him. She whispered. She is a monster and I prepared a bag of treats for you. The candy is sweet to the kind in heart, the chocolate is so delightful to the gentle in mind and the pastries are a joy to the people who are not monsters. The girls was pissed off and she left the store. She told him. Why did you bring me here? He tasted the chocolate, so sweet and so good. He bit into the cherry pantry and he tasting so wonderful. He took a piece of cherry candy and it melted into his mouth, make him smile. It was so good. He gave her a piece of the cherry candy. She put the candy into her mouth and she spit it out quickly. She told him. This is so damn sour and she told him. We need to return the shit. She turn around and the store was gone. He smiled and he told her. Time for us to go home. The girl knew. He found out. She was not kind, honest or sweet. She whispered to herself. Maybe I am a monster?”

Lucy smiled and she asked her. Am I a monster? Lilith took her right hand and she told her. You are not, I see great love, I see long life and many heartbreaks. You will leave the world a better place. When you touched my skin. I felt the warmth of a gentle, kind and warm lady. Stay the same and you will know great happiness. Johnnie reappeared with a boatload of sweets and coffee. He saw the serious look on Lucy’s face. He asked her, are you okay? She rose-up and she gave him a long kiss. She whispered. I love you too.