Cocoa beach…

  Cocoa beach..

I received a phone call. Sweet Peggy called and asked. “Please come to see me. I live in Cocoa beach and I’m very lonely. I need a friend.”

I heard in her voice. She was hanging on a thread. She wanted everything and wanting nothing in the same minute. Once a beauty with the world at her feet. She learn love was twist and turns leading to corridors of bad decisions. She had learn, she had few true friends and love was very costly.

I told I would come. I felt the sadness and loneliness in her voice. Poor Peggy laid alone. Curl-up with her pillow upon a bed of solitude wishing she had held on to one lover.

She cries alone and pray now for miss voices. Pretty Peggy found sleep remembering sweet and kind lovers.

Peggy asked me. Please come dear Johnnie. Cocoa Beach is warm in December and I’m so damn lonely. We can walk to the beach from my house. I don’t believe anyone will ever love me. Please come and see me Johnnie.

I told her yes and I love you, my Peggy. I will be with you on Thursday. I have five days to spend with you. I don’t report to Fort Hood till the fifth of January. I was boxing in the USA. California to Michigan. Michigan to Florida. Florida to Texas. I was traveling the highways for 35 days. I called her when I got near. She told me she is waiting and couldn’t wait to see me. We met at the Big Boy in Cocoa beach. When she saw me. She ran to me and she fell into my arms. Tears were falling from her pretty face. Her brown eyes were glowing with joy. She kissed me often in the parking lot of the Big Boy and held me tightly.

I told her. Been too long my sweet Peggy. I didn’t forget you and I was glad you had called me. Sweet Peggy had lost the sweetness of youth. She had the beer, wine and the booze now. She had a loaded counter of gin, whiskey and rum on the counter in her house. She was a shining beauty once, hopeful and held great dreams. She held her drink like her last love. She told me. “So good to see you. You are looking so good. The army must be keeping you in shape.”

I brought her near and told her. You are beautiful still. Let’s forget yesterday goodbyes and make love like we are babies in the emotion of love. Let’s pretend this is our first day to love and our last. She embraced me and took me to the comfort of her bed. She undressed and stood nude in my view. She asked me. “Am I as beautiful as that 20 year old girl that came to your apartment and wouldn’t leave?” I told her. You are more beautiful. The scars of living leave us knowing the true gifts of love and friendship. I had loved you since the first moment I saw you  so long ago.

We made love like children learning the sweet taste of new love. Old lovers are vigor and don’t hide their true nature. Wild night led to wild days. We roamed the beaches in the day. We drank the beer and booze till we found the safety of each other arms.

The five days went quickly. I left Peggy on a rainy day morning in late December.  She embraced me and she asked me. ” Will I return to her?”  I told her. I’m a soldier and I follow ordered. You can come to Texas. I would love to have you with me at Fort Hood. We can begin a new life and create new hope and dreams. I knew before I left her. Peggy loved her whiskey. She loved her gin and rum and this was our third attempt. We kissed hard and deeply. I told her. Please call me if you need me.

After I reported to Fort Hood, Texas. I send Peggy a wedding band. I called her and I asked her to marry me. She told me yes. I didn’t know then. Love wasn’t sweet as the whiskey, gin and the rum. I didn’t know love was meaningless when you have nothing left.

Peggy disappeared again. I didn’t try to find her. I did find a kind love. Someone who didn’t make the whiskey promises that cannot be kept.

                           Coyote/John Castellenas