Hell-bound I am and the whiskey tasted better..

Hell-bound I am and the whiskey tasting better….

Once saintly man found sin, whiskey and the drinking songs. He and Hank William Jr. sing nightly in Belton, Texas together. The one-handed bartender make his drinks strong and always a smile, and a joke to be told. 

Once Michigan boy fell in love with Texas. Now he wear the cowboy hat and he Texas two-steps with the pretty Texas gals. He love the Texas girls. Tall, long and dangerous. They don’t lie and they love to drink, dance and make love.

Once he sought Jesus and he saw war. War taught him often. God isn’t watching us no-more. The tomfoolery of men had stole the kindness of men hearts and their eyes.

Now he knows. He had a good life. Money for the whiskey, the kindness of the Texas gals and the taverns are open seven days a week.

He been a soldier for along time and he had learn. Damn wars will never stop. Fat and greedy men run our world. He told Pete, the one-arm bartender who make the best drinks in Texas. One more Long Island ice tea my friend.

Beautiful Emily and her daughter come to me. They make me smile with their beautiful Texas smiles. They asked me. Are you dancing or drinking tonight? I told them. I will be dancing with the prettiest gals in Texas tonight.

Emily kissed my forehead and she whispered. Johnnie, you will be okay. I am with you my dear friend.

Dancing Coyote