I need you now…

I need you now…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Great love, never died. When love is alive. The love will grow to become a willow tree. Flowing and dancing with the free wind. Expanding to forever. "

 I need you now…

What shall I remember my lady midnight? My exquisite beauty, you made me believe love was sweet, love was everything, we need. Till I fell into your eyes of hazel, I masqueraded with the affliction of loneliness.

Now I can see the sea in your eyes, now I can see a colorful world. I love your morning face, when you drink your coffee and you watch the morning come alive. You love the silence of the morning and the song of the singing birds. I write my morning poetry and I am humble by your kindness.

I love coming home to you. You love your nudity and you wait for the night and me to return by the open window. I bring your wine to you and you embrace me, giving me so many sweet kisses. I tell you, I need you now, I need you forever. You give me the most beautiful smile and you tell me with mischief in your eyes. I want a bubble bath, a glass of good wine and some song. You will read poetry to me by the bathtub. I want my promised long massage and the fragrance of love will overtake us. Make us believe. We are safe and sound.

I told my mystic beauty. My lofty mind, my lofty thoughts believe you are my miracle. My softest touch and I love you so. Pretty Brigid smiled and she told me. I love you more.

Dancing Coyote