Only love will break your heart..

 Only love will break your heart…

We learn with old age. Love is everything. I was babysitting my grand-daughter. Now 18 months old and I would spend the days with her. Five days a week. The park, children places and we would dance to songs together in my home. She loved her music.

She loved only her grandpa. She was my go-go girl. She loved the library, the mall and dancing songs. Now she is gone for two months. My once life with her is gone and I miss her so.

I saw in her eyes. She knew she was my joy, my reason to be alive. Today I drink alone and I miss my dancing baby girl. I learn with my five grandchildren. Love is everything. We are what we leave behind. I am retired and I still work to ensure I can make my grandchildren life better. 

A grandfather life is simple. Create a place where the grandchildren can have fun and be free of the parent rules. Today I am so sad and I know. Time does go by quickly. I know. Love can break your heart.

Dear baby Mia. I pray you are safe and sound.