The Devil dances at midnight.. And The Dead South amazing song.

The Devil dances at midnight…

Prettiest gal at the Belton, Texas dance told me. The Devil dances at midnight and I brought her closer on the dance floor and I asked her. Does the Devil tell you, who she is? I have met the Devil a few times. Sometimes she wear a silk dress and she had a beautiful smile. Sometimes he is the friendly man next to you telling you to drink more, sin more.

She laughed at my words and she asked me. Am the Devil’s kiss, the Devil temptation?

I told her. The Devil don’t find us. We find the sin, we find the whiskey and we love the hell-bound road. We decide what we need and want. Maybe you are the Devil?

She moved in closer and she whispered to me. You damn soldiers believe you can outlast war, you can outlast sin and somehow you can find love and peace. Just foolish men dancing in a ugly storm, you soldiers are. Don’t worry Johnnie, the Devil always lead on the dancefloor and I am leading. Men love the misery and they love to swim in shit.

I smiled and I asked you. Are you the Devil or a Angel trying to save me? She kissed my lips and she whispered. I could be both.