I remember..

I remember……

1- We touched like lovers once. We needed to hold hands like lovers do. Softly I held your hands and our fingers dance into a perfect waltz. Interlacing, moving and yearning more.

2-  Another life, another place. If I knew. I would of been kinder. Another time, another chance. I would of told you. You were my beautiful rose and I love you so. I didn’t know. The kindness of love near was a miracle and a blessing. We can touch when the blue moon is above us and the gods are on our side.

3-  Once we were drunk in love and our kisses so warm and so sweet. We would find virgin wild flowers fields and we would dance with the wildflowers. The moon would smile and the stars would dance with us. I told you with the blue moon above us. You are my lasting sweet memory and I love you so.