love is, just another four letter word.

Love is, just another four letter word…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Sometime love become another dirty word… "

The word, Love is. Just another four letter word…

 She was so tire of the useless words spoken to her.

Now she sought the wild sea, now she wanted to meditate in the free mountains.

She wants to feel everything and some more now and 

she told the Pacific ocean.

I don’t want useless words, I want someone to show me, love is kind.

She told me. The word, love is. Just another four letter word.

That became meaningless.

She looked deeply into my eyes and she told me.

I am willing tp pay the payment and I see the sadness in your eyes.

I was soulless and careless with my heart.

Now I want to be reckless and I need a friend to share my journey.

You can become Doc Holiday and I will be your Kate.

We will find the old California and find the dancehalls.

Learn to dance again, maybe learn to love again.

Once he wanted everything and today he needs little.

He told her, today I need the sea, today I need a kind woman and a good whiskey.

I love your honest words pretty ladies.

You are prettier then the morning sun and kind as the midnight moon on my face.

Maybe you and me, can be lucky.

She told me. You promised me everything in the Spring and you left for your wars.

I did adore your letters and now we must decide.

Be fearless, be hard and strong like Doc Holiday and Kate.

Or break more promises?

I told her, one more dance, one more whiskey and one more midnight wish,

we will make. When I was away in the desert of Iraq.

I wrote a million words for you.

You were my California dream and last face I wanted to see.

I know my pretty lady. Just words till we share a thousand meals and

a millions conversations. I told the long night in Iraq,

I need one more smile, I need one more dance.

I want to make the prettiest girl in California,


She wrapped her arms around him and she whispered.

Please leave the Army, please, don’t die for strangers who don’t care for you.

Please dear Johnnie. Stay with me and create a life, where can be happy.

He kissed her forehead and he told her.

I won’t leave you again. I will kidnap you and

we will find a safe place where can find the ambrosia of love.

Thank you dear Amie, thank you dear Amie for befriended me.

If you stay with me.

I will write a million words for the kindness of love.

In your eyes, I feel brave.

She smiled and she told me.

Tonight we shall write a new chapter,

we will go slow and easy till we learn,

love is sweet and words can be true.

I am a handful Johnnie. Can you handle a handful?

He kissed her once, he kissed her twice.

He whispered to her,

the folly of men,

is running away,

giving in and accepting little.

Our needed medicine my beautiful Amie is,

for us to become Gypsies and attack life.

Not fear her.

Let’s write a epic story where love won.

She smiled and she took me to the sea.

She whispered. I want this too.