Beautiful and wonderful poetry. Please read.

Lee D.

Picture credits – Pinterest

My hope for you dampens through your wildernesses,
my trust, blinding your very storms.

That you see tonight, how much you’re loved, valued and dependable!
And you never be deterred by what the world has made of you, that you loose focus on what it has for you.

That you be the song on the lips of every stranger and your might, reckoned!
That you see you as I do, and love you as I do.
And make mine eyes your mirror and mine heart, your soothe.

The night won’t go halt because you think it about time, the waves aren’t hushed by tears.

Listen to the words I have for you,
dance to the height of my tunes.

If life was demanded of me today,
To what courage do I leave thee?

If I took course to the seas,
and my smite lost to the…

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