Dance me to the end of love. Some min-poetry.

Dance me to the end of love…

1- We shall pay the midnight toll, where the sin, the gin and the skin always needs more. Where strangers begin friends, where friends become strangers. Under an cloudless night, two lover find the midnight dance and the gift of the sweet kiss. Forbidden love leave two people, who cannot see the light of days together. Loneliness. The secrecy of two willing heart leave a dark emptiness. They test the boundaries of how far they can go. They don’t give everything to one lover. They know they are just loaning and borrowing the sin and the skin.

2- Dying men do not wish for more war, dying men wishes for the faces of love left behind. They wish for warm sunny days and a safe place to rest. They pray to their god. Please just one more day, please just one more day.