Don’t ask for less…

Don’t ask for less

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" When the night is sweet, the love is generous and kind. Always ask for more. One day, you shall wish you did. "

Don’t ask for less…

Echoes of memories and voices dances in my head. Beautiful faces and places are alive and well in sweet dreams.

The furious Winter rage allow me time to travel blindly back to the nights and days where life was a blazed with hope and passion.

I learn we use and abuse once tender gifts. We love than we despise the kindness of the gentle touch.

Beautiful woman asked me once. “What do you want, what do you need my sweet lover.” I told my beautiful  lady with the clear blue eyes like a river stream. I want everything. I want the moon above us, the stars dancing for us, to feel the heat of your body near. I want to taste your lips and your skin. I want us to fall asleep and our bodies connected and not to depart till we must.

Pretty woman held silence for a few seconds than she asked me. ” Is it better to ask for less and save something for tomorrow? Shouldn’t the splendor and serene place where love is not shrouded  be  given in fragments not in ravishing greed?”

Her charm betrayed her. I saw in her eyes a distant sadness. Her hope and pride had descended and I saw her fear. I stroke her long strawberry red hair and I told her. All of us must rise from the ashes. We can become dazed and confused. You are right. It is better to light the torch of love slowly. Allow two people to bare their hearts in proper time and place.

Beautiful faces and sad days can vanish from memory. Warm and safe places can seem so far away. Those echoes of memories are our salvation. Remember the secret places where lovers once danced. Remembering bare feet woman releasing their garments of sleep and revealing soft and willing body to caress and find true comfort in. The mercy of sweet dreams allow us to find divine places and times.

If I was asked again by my kind muse what do I want and need? I would tell her again. I want everything and this time. I wouldn’t allow us to know farewell.