You are my music..

You are my music…

We found love in the lost and found.

You are the most beautiful gal in the world.

I remember your smile, I remember your laughter.

I painted your skin with my hands and I told you.

Please come true, please come willingly into my arms.

I will give you the world, I would steal the moon for you.

Please follow me and I will follow you.

You wrote poetry on my skin and you sang love songs to me.

“Love, be sweet.

Love, be kind.

Please make me believe,

you will stay forever.

Let’s find the sameness in life,

let’s find the wonderful sea,

let’s find safe place where love is our to adore.

I am your love and you are my love.

I am the sand and you are the sea.

I am waiting for you to cover me with kisses.

Please stay with me my dearest love.”

I brought you closer and I whispered.

You are my island and I have found my safe place to rest.

I love you my kindest muse. She whispered.

I love you more.