Lovers in Paris…

Lovers in Paris..

She whispered to me,

“O my love, O my love.

Make me feel alive.

I plucked a rose for us today and

I told the red rose.

Where had my lover gone?

The murmur of the sea told me.

Find the place where love was alive.

The gales of Winter make us forget, 

we knew the taste of tantalizing love.

Please let’s escape to the city of love.

Let’s dance for the moon,

let’s make love for the stars to see by the river Seine.

Let’s create a beautiful song,

where love never died and every kiss is remembered.”

I brought her closer and I told her.

Once we were lovers in Paris and

we do need the Paris Jazz and the good drink.

We need a hotel near the river Seine and

we need to escape this life.

We need to be reborn again in love.

We need cloth less nights and the ambrosia wine.

Love sleeping need great passion and a thousand kisses.

I love you my lady.

We will escape to Paris tonight and forget the Winter coldness.

We will seek the warm days of Summer in the city of love and

our slumbering love will be smitten with the need of love embrace.

She smiled and she asked. “When do we leave my love?”