The water, the sky and the earth. New journey.

The Water, sky and the Earth. Chapter 8

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

" Part eight of my story. New journey. "

             The water, Sky and the Earth.
              New journey.  

“The grandfathers and the grandmothers are in the children; Teach them well.”
                       Ojibwa proverb

“All the Indians pray to God for life. and try to find a good road. and do nothing wrong in a life. This is what we want. and to pray to God. But you did not believe us.
You should say nothing against our religion. For we say nothing against yours. you pray to God. So do all of us Indians. as well as the whites. We both pray to only one God. who made us all.”
                        Sitting Bull

        The Water, Sky and the Earth.
         New Journey.  

The time went very quickly in Mexico. Don Francis took the three on long walks into the desert. He explain to them the plants were simple. You must respect the plants and care for them. Their power of healing plants are great gifts  in return for us not to abuse and destroy. His face turn sad. He told them in South American the powerful plants are dying because of  the hunger of man’s great cities expansion. The animals know what to eat when they are sick. Maybe if we were more like the beast of the Earth. The world would be a better place? Little Wolf loved the peace and quiet of the desert. She would sit for hours with Red Fox in silence. He told her he could not sleep and he wanted alcohol. Chief Joseph made special taragon tea for Red Fox. Making it stronger to be able to heal his body and fight the demons. Chief Joseph would take Red Fox into the mountains. Together they would sit on the healing rocks and watch the hawks fly. Allowing the peace to create some sort of calmness in Red Fox mind and heart. Coyote saw the eyes of Red Fox softening. He wasn’t nervous or shaking anymore. He told Coyote. I will try to quit drinking. Maybe I will be alright? I will be training Marines now. Maybe my war is over? Damn Vietnam is done. Coyote wrapped his arm around Red Fox. Whispered maybe we will all be alright? The last day, the three with Don Francis went to the healing stones. Don Francis made  calea zacatechicti tea. Chief Joseph was there waiting spreading the healing white sage by the stones. He blessed the area and pray for the spirit of the mountain to assist in the gathering. The three sat together. Little Wolf, Coyote and Red Fox learned to expect anything from the two old men. Chief Joseph told them. I have been taking long walks with Red Fox and he will never completely heal. His demons and nightmares are death. When you have killed.  Your heart and mind will become soiled.  There is no repair except to understand the acts and learn that all life is precious and have purpose. How do we know we have not killed the savior of man by accident in the wars of hate and violence?

The tea is passed to all. The tea you are drinking is common and grow  wild in the desert. It will open your minds. Calea zacatechicti is one of the many natural ways to clean the mind. I have smoke it with Red Fox. He can see his world with better eyes now. But we need our friends to support and hold us  up when we are weak. After  the teas is finished. Everyone lay down on soft mats on the ground. The three are side by side laying on the sand. Chief Joseph told them to put their right leg into the inner left thigh. This will allow only good thoughts to come in.

                  ” Close your eyes.

                   Take five deep breath and hold each one for three seconds.

                    The sixth breath hold and think of bad thoughts or actions.

                    Hold for 5 seconds. Allow the bad to escape.

                    Take five deep breath and hold each one for three seconds.

                     The sixth breath hold and think of something good and wonderful.

                     Release the air and allow the mind to fall into calmness and peace.”

Coyote is dreaming he is walking on the coastline of Texas. He can see the city of Houston in the background. The city is not moving and there is no cars. He looked around and he see many empty houses on the beach. It look like a hurricane had destroyed the coastline. He looked at the water. It is black with oil. He can see bodies of sea creatures and birds covered in oil and dead. There is no life in the sky or moving on the ground. He see a old man sitting on the shore. He goes to him. The old man with tears in his eyes told him. Man had succeeded in killing off the sea and he had killed off all that is beautiful. Little Wolf touched Coyote arm softly. She whispered. Please wake up. He jump up and falls into Little Wolf arms. With tears and fear in his eyes, he told her  the story. I saw the the water and the dead animals.  I met death. Death is the desire of man to kill all the beautiful things of this planet. Chief Joseph touched Coyote shoulder. He told them. The men of vision and dreams have great responsibility. He must try to stop the nightmare from happening or be a observer of the end of the world? “Coyote asked. Can this world be stop from it own death? Chief Joseph with a sad eyes whispered. I pray we can.

The drive back to Northern California was very quiet. Chief Joseph told Coyote. Dreams can be nightmares and also can be windows to the future we can try to change and must. He told him. You have a home here with me in the desert always. He walks Chief Joseph to his door. Coyote told him. I will be back in one year and thank you for being kind to me. Chief Joseph hugged him. Us Native American must stand together and we must lead in the battle to save Earth. Red fox hugged the old man. He  told him. Thank you for what you did for me. I have no desire for alcohol and my mind is thinking again. Chief Joseph smiled. Hold Red Fox hands tightly and he told him. You are very close to me. This is your home Red Fox. We all need a place to feel safe. A friend who do not grade or rate. Some healing may take a lifetime. He gave Red Fox, many bags of herbs and he told him. Boil the tea for ten minute. The herbs needs heat to come alive. Red Fox told Coyote as they drive on Highway 1. I feel good for the first time in 10 years. Chief Joseph gave me many bags of herbal tea. I hope I don’t get tossed in the military prison for using this stuff.

Coyote smiled. It is a beautiful day on Highway 1. He can see the ocean  from the highway.