The water, the sky and the earth. The healer.

The Water, Sky and the Earth Chapter seven

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

" Nature is a gift we forgot to take care of. Need to be kind to old Earth. "

                   The Water, Sky and the Earth.

                    Little Wolf,  the healer.     

                      It is my land, my home, my father’s land,
                      to which I now ask to be allow to return.
                      I want to spend my last days there, and be
                      buried among those mountains. If this could
                      be I might died in peace, feeling that my people,
                      placed in their native homes, would increase in
                      numbers, rather than diminish as at present,
                      and that our names would not become extinct.

Don Francis prepared the tarragon tea. He was feeling older and more tire today. The kids brought him hope and energy. He knew death was close by. He lived a good and long life and he worried for Silent Bobcat. She was so strong-minded and smart. She would need a lot of support and guidance. He had taught many the secret of the desert. The natural cures were at-hand for all people willing to see them. The plants were for men and woman with wisdom to find and understand. He saw great wisdom and strength in Little Wolf eyes, also great sadness. He hoped she had the strength and she would assist Silent Bobcat in her journey. He saw the four in his dreams for a long time. He know Coyote was hard-headed and strong willed. If he got something in his vision. It would get accomplished. Red Fox swim in war and violence. The education of war would make him the peaceful one. Little Wolf is the calm. Her gentle soul will bring peace to the two men. Silent Bobcat was born under a dark sky. Her eyes don’t hide the sadness. She will be the wisdom and hope. Don Francis hoped and dreams the Native Americans would rise up and show the world the road to living in peace with the Water, Sky and the Earth.
He had long conversation with Chief Joseph. They have known each other for over forty years. They took many long walks into the desert to discover what may lay in the future.  Chief Joseph was the dreamer. He fore told of the four native Americans many years ago. He saw the violence of Vietnam and he saw the wall of racism begin to fall down. He saw the great lakes and oceans being polluted. He saw in bad dreams the Water, Sky and the Earth slowly dying. Sickness and hunger would give man his final goal. Death of all human life. He knew time was limited. He had a vision of four strong hearts. They would give the Native Americans the will to fight and lead in the protection of the Water, the Sky and the Earth.
Don Francis was born to a Apache/Mexican parent. He was taught by a wise Nagual from the Yucatan Peninsula Don Carlos. Don Carlos found  him drunk and confused lost in the desert. He was sixteen years old. With a pissed off attitude and no place to go. Don Carlos took him in. Made him go to Mexico city to go to school. Taught him to respect the desert. Don Francis sat and he watched the moon rise from the east. He prayed.
         “Great Spirit
                       Be kind to a old man.
                        Give me more time on
                         the great Earth.
                        Thank you for another
                        good day to be alive.
                        Please protect my children
                        and all children.
                        Of this great Earth.
                        Give me wisdom and strength.
                        Great Spirit.
                        Please give wisdom to all
                        men and woman.
                        Thank you great Spirit.”

Little Wolf awoke early. Don Francis asked her to take a short walk into the desert. They walked about a mile from the house and they sat down on the sand. The desert was peaceful and calm in the early morning. He asked her. You had a hard and long journey. What will you do now? She smiled and she told him. Chief Joseph brought us here. I don’t know what to do next. Coyote is going to Korea. Red Fox  will be training Marines. I have no place to go. My mother told me to stay away for there was nothing left in  North Carolina. My money is running out soon. I must do something. Don Francis smiled. He told her. Years ago I left my home and a good man Don Carlos took me in. He made me go to school in Mexico City and he taught me to be a healer. He touched her face and he asked her. Would you want to be a healer? She asked him, will you make me go to school? He smiled. Told her. To understand plants and nature. You must understand science. I would want you to go to college. She bowed her head down and with sad eyes, she asked. Will I be okay? Don Francis wrapped his arms her. He told her. Life is long and very hard. We must overcome great mountains and barriers. But we must enter the fight to know great pleasures and be able to do great things.
At the house. Chief Joseph was making sausage and fry bread. Little Wolf goes to Coyote and Red Fox. She told them, I will staying here. She asked them. Please return to me here and visit often. Coyote laughed and told her. You are stuck with me my Cherokee beauty. Red Fox hugged her. He whispered no-one else wants a old Cheyenne anyway.
Silent Bobcat with a beautiful smile. Gave each one a hug. She told them all. You are my family now.

                          Oct 2009