Brother peace, sister love. For Ukraine.

(A prayer for peace)

  Brother peace, sister love.

I had sat by graves of 20,000 Soldiers killed in World War two outside of Paris.  Men who died for freedom. The last war. I wonder would they understand the blunders of their children?

The world celebrated salvation and peace on a good day on September 2, 1945.
Brother peace and sister love was alive and well.

My father followed his father into new wars and I followed my father to war. I joined to served the cause of war. Peace was rarely spoken in my generation. Today war is alive and well. Hate and greed is the goal of foolish men.

People tell me peace is a dream of utopia lost in some fairytale.

They shot a fifteen year girl on a school bus because she wanted education. Killed 20 children in a school. Six and seven years old kids  learning death and fear.  Rich nations sending drones into countries to kill without pity. Death had become a business. Human life a secondary priority.

Brother peace is broken. The world had fell apart and no-one understand the new wars. Are we fighting for oil? For land or religion? War is man’s sin.  Brother peace is forgotten in a world led by Berserkers.

I’m tire of war. I don’t want my child to fight because of made-up ghosts and old hate. If we don’t stop and learn forgiveness. Will my child follow my path?

People who tell me I’m foolish and wars won’t end till we are all dead. I wonder how will they feel when they  receive a flag and to listen to a 21 gun salute?

Brother peace, sister love are one. Race, color and religion won’t matter to a gun. We must embrace love and peace. Leader of the four corners of our world must gather. Go to their  knees. Pray for peace and salvation.

This is one planet with one people. We must share the gifts of mother nature.
We must embrace brother peace and sister love for the sake of all the children.

Before we kill all things that are beautiful.

War is Man‘s sin.

Thank you for reading.
Feb. 2013